Ode to Molly by Brad

Brad is an old friend who I actually met in Istanbul, though he is from Canada.  He visited me many times over the years and we had some great adventures. He has never been to Orillia, so readers from Orillia, please forgive him!


Get Out of Orillia!


I once knew a girl from Orillia

Whom I’m sure just has had her full fillia

Of a culture-free life,

That makes her dream of “the knife”

We can’t wait ‘til she gets the hell out of Orillia


I once knew a redhead from Ont.

Who a halo of silver did want

And now her scalp’s a white hue

But her spirit’s still blue

We can’t wait ‘til she gets the hell out of Ont.


I once knew a Canadian chick

Who moved away from the East to the sticks

She chose a place of froze flowers

Instead of tea near the Tower

We can’t wait ‘til she makes a much better pick.


I once knew an exotic redhead

Who Cevdet and Sait loved to bed

Who was bowed to on the street

Man, it was always a treat

To know that her rep was widespread.

scottish molly

I once knew a dish from Galata

Who overnight seemed to turn into a nanna

With snowy hair that did gleam

That makes me think of ice cream

I’d love to hand her a tube of red henna.

dancing musician

Oh, the tough times can be trying

When you live in a city that’s dying

A place like… Orillia, that’s it.

But once you break out

There will ne’er be a doubt

Your soul will once again be a’flying!


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