Wordsmiths at Molly’s Cafe Part One

I was thinking about my own writing, which is nothing spectacular, and that got me to thinking about the many real wordsmiths who read at my cafe. This includes many poets, famous or not, some book authors, and some theatre performances. I want to thank them all for the inspiration and the honour of knowing them. Their photos follow in sort of chronological order. (I’m having trouble getting the photos inserted, so keep on reading the posts!)

At the first cafe

julieDEC 30 08 086

julie doxsee was the very first poet to read at my cafe.

cool man jeff 1st

jeff kahrs hamming it up


john ash

marita jeff jimmy

jeff introducing marita. she was one of many readers from robert college over the years

cliff trici 1st

trici venola explaining her pictures to cliff endres

duff 1st caf

duff’s poetry was very entertaining


edward foster is a very well known poet. photo by zafer

jake 1st

jake waiting his turn


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