Apartment Frescoes in Galata

A friend of mine was a realtor and I got to see a lot of apartments when I helped him translate for foreigners looking to buy.  Another friend owned apartments in Galata.  I actually lived in an apartment with frescoes that had been restored. The fashion of painting indoor frescoes was for well-to-do families building homes in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  By the end of the 20th century most had been painted over or otherwise marred.  I came across a file of fresco photos, so here they are for you to see.

These are entryway frescoes.  The second photo was in the entry to a building I lived in and one particular apartment owner insisted on having it restored, but of course I do not have a photo of the restoration.


These photos are of frescoes in my friend Nuri’s place in Galata.  It is tucked in behind a bufe on the square that was probably originally part of it. Nuri had these frescoes restored to more or less original.

How would you like an office like this?


And here are some more.