Snow in Istanbul

As I sit in cold snowy Canada, complaining about this cold and snow, I remembered that it also snows in Istanbul. For the most part, there may be snow in the air but it usually does not even hit the ground. Or if it does, it is mostly slush and does not last long. However, from time to time the snow sticks and brings the city to a halt. I have seen photos of the Bosporus frozen over, but those were long before Istanbul became a concrete mini-climate. These photos were taken in the 2000s from my various homes or on the street.

These photos were taken from the terrace of my first flat in Galata.


topkapi palace across the golden horn


winter roofs towards the golden horn


topkapi from the terrace


snowy city roofs



This was the snowy view from my flat on Luleci Hendek. The tower is part of a wall that used to extend from the Galata Tower.  Now it is part of Saint Benoit Lycee, one of several  French language high schools in Istanbul.

end jan 005


These were taken from my bedroom window of another flat closer to Sishane.

winter scene 05

looking across the golden horn towards balat

winter scene 05 2

this parking lot was just outside my window

vergi garden

looking down into the garden of the tax office in sishane

















This old Greek house is near the same flat, photo taken from the front window.

greek house

This is the tea garden at the base of the Galata Tower.


galipdede sokak, heading down towards the galata tower

end jan 008   007

One more view, from the balcony of my flat down from the tower.



The snow really brings out the playfulness in people, since it is such a novelty.

IMG_0019   IMG_0022   IMG_0028      006IMG_0025   IMG_0026

There!  I can’t say this post made me feel warmer, but I was glad to be reminded of the brief snows of Istanbul