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I used to have a blog for my cafe,  a closed chapter now, but I still wanted to put my stories and thoughts out there for some egotistical reason. I look around my new home in a small town in Ontario and see my many mementos from my many chapters and I guess I want to share some of the places that these dear things have come from.

I actually wanted to name this blog abroadliving but someone else already had it. So alivingbroad it is. A living broad. Aliving broad. I am an older broad and seeing how that feels after years of denial. I am letting my hair go its natural colour, which at the moment is a pale pale red. This after years of dyeing it red (my natural colour way back). And I lived abroad for many years. It feels a little weird to put it in the past tense, but so it is. I may go live in the U.S. But that is not really abroad. It is certainly not overseas.

I read a lot. Right now I am not working at all, which is a little strange after many years of working a lot. Especially the cafe, seven days a week, at least twelve hours a day. I don’t have a television so I spend a lot of time playing solitaire games, checking Facebook, reading the news. I have finally gotten onto YouTube and will watch a movie a night and see how YouTube chooses to direct me after each one. Otherwise I read, sometimes a book a day. I consume books at times. I usually have at least two going. I have started writing little book reports about many of them. You can see what kinds of books I read at least and if you are a reader you can maybe find some interesting directions too.

I am a returned expat. I tried this a couple of years ago and it was a depressing disaster. I pined for Istanbul and mourned for my life there. However, this time I feel I am ready to become Canadian again. I am a little like Rip Van Winkle, as many things are not as I remember them. However, I live close to downtown in an area where the houses are more than 100 years old now in various states of originality or renovation. Many, like this one, are divided into apartments. This house was made into two apartments many years ago and then into another two some years ago. Here I am surrounded by my possessions from other countries.

So I have already written some thugs for here that I will polish and post. Then we will see how inspired I get for new or reflecting on old.


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