Stone tiles in Galata


Some years ago a friend of mine was a realtor in Galata.  He often saved his photos on my computer, so when i was cleaning things up, I found quite a few photos of places he he had seen or was trying to sell.  He evidently was taken with the stone tiles he saw.  These are called ‘cini’ or chinese tiles.  They are fairly expensive these days, but when these buildings were built in the 19th century, they were commonly used for floors, especially in entranceways.  Some of them look like carpets, I think.  Some are in rather rough shape, but they still exist.  I am posting them below for you to look at.  Stay tuned for more posts on other architectural features and enjoy these.

seyfi temiz     Resim 745     petraki4     nuri ziya     nuri ziya (2)     muellif cini     merkez ap     DSC04367DSC04181     DSC03404     DSC03383     merkez ap      DSC04367     DSC03404     DSC03383     DSC03254     DSC02922       DSC02680     DSC02661     DSC02609     DSC00083     cukurcuma    251020081052     081120081093     031120081063     30082008367     30082008366     30082008336    29082008334     29082008333     29082008332     28082008331     28082008330     28082008329     28082008326     27092008603     27092008602     27082008325     27082008324     26082008323     26082008322     26082008321     26082008320     26082008307     25082008269     23112008128     22072008664     22072008662     21082008223     21082008222     21082008221    21082008220    21082008203    21082008202    20092008595    19092008587    18092008583    1711200809616122008159     151220081581408200818712092008561120920085601209200853911102008889111020088881106200824908102008788


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